Body Piercing

Blancolo is a fully licensed and registered studio with both male and female piercers. Our piercers are all highly skilled and very experienced.

All our piercings take place in a private, sterile environment with the highest possible levels of cleanliness and hygiene

Note: if you are under 16 years of age, you will require the consent of a parent of guardian.

Please check out our Piercings FAQ's for more info!


Here are Blancolo we offer our customers not only the best in customer service, hygiene, and expertise, but we always wish to ensure everyone gets the best deal possible.

All of our standard piercings are £10, which is a truly fantastic saving off the regular price of a piercing. We pride ourselves in being pioneers in reducing prices in order for our customers to get the most for their money, whilst still providing extremely high levels of customer service, hygiene, and expertise.