Frequently asked questions Piercings.


1.       Are all your piercings £10?

Answer – Most of them are. The exclusions are Micro-dermals (£40) and oral piercings (£20) . Also if you wish to have 2 piercings like a scaffold or snake bites, this is £20. We do not do genital or suface bar piercings.


2.       What age do I have to be for a piercing?

Answer –

             Some piercings can be done from 14+ (ie all ear piercing types, nose etc) with parental consent (parent must be present with their own ID), however some piercings (ie navel, nipple, septum etc) do have higher minimum age    requirements - please contact for more details. Everyone who looks under 25 will be asked to provide ID.

*Please note that parents are required to accompany the child and Parents are asked to bring ID. In cases whereby the child does not have a parent, those with legal guardianship of that child are able to sign consent but are required to bring proof of guardianship documents.

3.       How can you afford to do piercings for as cheap as £10?

       Answer – Over the years we have built up a great relationship with our UK suppliers,  and pass this saving onto our customers.


4.       Where are your suppliers based?

Answer – we only use top quality UK suppliers, who we have built up a strong relationship with over the years.

5.       How long have the body piercers been qualified for?

Answer – we have several piercers within our organisation. Some who have been body piercers for over 10 years!   As our piercings are such a huge part of our business, we must ensure only the best and experienced are ever allowed to perform procedures on our clients.

6.       Are your needles safe?

Answer – Every needle we use is sterile and brand new.  They conform to the strict UK medical guidelines and are biocompatible. The needles seal is broken and opened in front of each client to alleviate any concern.  These are then disposed of in a sharps container which a specialist company uplifts each week for incineration.

7.       What type of jewellery do you use?

Answer – All of our piercing jewellery is high grade titanium. We use this as most other metals contain a nickel content which can lead to irritation. All of our piercing jewellery is pressure and steam sterilised. They are then sealed in an individual pouch and only opened at the time of the piercing.

8.       Can someone come into the room with me?

Answer – the only person who would be allowed in the room would be your parent or guardian if you are under 16. For health and safety reasons we do not allow any spectators.

9.       How do I look after a piercing?

Answer – Your piercer will talk you through the aftercare on the day of the procedure, and we also will give you an aftercare sheet for reference. We sell high quality after care solution in the studio.

10.   Does it hurt?

Answer - Pain is a subjective thing, everyone has a different tolerance to pain. We will do our best to ensure the procedure is a pain free as possible for you. Our piercers are all trained to do the procedure as efficiently as possible for you, so the feeling will only last a matter of seconds.


11. Does the £10 piercing include the jewellery?

Answer- Yes it does.