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1.       Do you have a licence and insurance?

Answer – Yes we do, and advise anyone thinking of getting a piercing or tattoo to ensure that their studio always has both.

2.       Is there access for wheelchair users?

Answer – Yes, for both piercings and tattoos.  For a piercing please book in advance so we can set up for you.


3.       Do you take on tattoo or piercing apprentices?

Answer – Sorry we do not.

4.       Do I need an appointment?

Answer – You do not need an appointment for piercings. It is better to book an appointment for tattoos, however if we do have space on the day we can take someone without an appointment.

5.       I’ve never been in a tattoo studio before, what should I expect?

Answer – We pride ourselves in ensuring each customer receives a warm and friendly welcome from our staff. We have shop staff available to answer your questions, and a huge selection of tattoo designs and jewellery for your perusal.

6.       I am pregnant; can I have a tattoo or piercing?

Answer – No. You must wait until you have had the baby, and finished breastfeeding before having a tattoo or piercing.

7.       Where are you?

Answer - Our tattoo and piercing studio is located right beside central station on Argyle street. There are also several large car parks nearby.

8. May I bring children in with me?

Answer - Sorry we do not allow under 14s in the studio or shop.